Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Interview with singer, composer and producer Roberto Zanetti

Roberto Zanetti is a famous Italian singer, music producer and composer. As a singer he is known under the stage name Savage, and as a music producer he uses the alias Robyx.

Nick: Hello, Roberto, and thank you very much for accepting this interview! Could you please introduce yourself in a few words?
Roberto: Myself....I'm a man who was lucky to dedicate a big part of his life to the music...
Nick: You are one of the pioneers of the eurodance genre. You've produced great hits for artists like Ice Mc, Corona, Double You and Alexia to name just a few. Could you please tell me how you've started your journey as an eurodance producer?
Roberto: My first experiences as producer started before, in late 1983 when I produced my first songs in Italodisco style
Nick: Which was the gear used in the 90s for making eurodance music? 
Roberto: We used Akai samplers, Akai Linn drum, Roland drum, Korg M1, Roland Jupiter, Yamaha DX7
Nick: How was the process of making an eurodance tune? Which was the base idea it all started from?
Roberto: I used to write a song first, sometimes a chorus only, with a piano
Nick: Is it true that most eurodance tracks were build in minor keys?
Roberto: All melodic disco of the 80's or the 90's was done in minor keys, very different from all music of the 70's which was in major insteed
Nick: It seems in eurodance music the riffs follow a kind of typical structure. Could you please explain how was a riff usually developed?
Roberto: I didn't had a typical riff....I used to make experiments and change riff song by song....
Nick: Many people ask about the famous 90s eurodance kick. Could you please explain how this was created?
Roberto: It was created using different sounds together, one of them was the famous kick of the Roland TR 909
Nick: It seems in today's music compression is used quite a lot. How much was it used back in the 90s?
Roberto: Compressors were used in big studios only because they were very expansive....I used them on vocals only.
Nick: Could you please offer some tips for the people who still want to create eurodance music? 
Roberto: An eurodance song could be a hit when it has a good chorus, a strong and new instrumental riff, a melodic verse, and the singer a very nice voice.
Nick: The 90s eurodance is still loved today by many people. Do you think this genre can return on the commercial scene one day?
Roberto: I think dance music of today is largely based over the music of the 90's, I think it's a genre that will never die...
Nick: Which are your current and future music projects?
Roberto: As a label (DWA) a new version of Baby Baby by Corona and a new project
Nick: Thank you very much, Roberto, for taking your time to answer all my questions, I wish you lots of good luck!

You can hear the famous 90's hit song "Take away the colour" - ICE MC, produced by Roberto Zanetti below:

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