Monday, July 22, 2013

The Eurodance Riff Contest 2013

Create a cool eurodance riff in the 90s style and win prizes in value of over $1,000 ! The Eurodance Riff Contest 2013 will start on August 1, 2013, so you better get your riffs ready! More details coming soon! Let's bring the 90s back! Check out the details and make sure you share the news! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Interview with producer Michal Karpac

Michal Karpac is a Slovakian eurodance producer, he is one of the young generation producers who try to keep the 90s Eurodance style alive.

Nick: Hello, Michal, and thank you for accepting this interview. Please introduce yourself in a few words.

Michal: Dance music is me, lol, I always wanted to do music, especially eurodance and now i do it

Nick: Please tell me how you've started your journey as an eurodance producer and your main produced acts.

Michal: A few years ago I started the project Floor Action and then I joined to the band Pulse Of The Beat founded by my friend Svetoslav Yankov, which I call Svetlo

Nick: How do you make an eurodance tune? Which is the base idea it all starts from?

Michal: I often let myself to get inspiration from other songs, films and from the world around me. I love production by Dieter Bohlen, he has the perfect melodies. I would like to be like him.

Nick: How long does it take to create and record an eurodance song?

Michal: When I was a beginner it lasted very long time but now I can make the one song in a few days but of course I need the inspiration.

Nick: Michal, tell me a little bit about the gear and the sofware you use. How important it is?

Michal: I use FL studio, it is the great programme which is used by many famous producers. I love to use VST z3ta +.

Nick: Could you please offer some tips for the people who want to create eurodance music?

Michal: You need mainly good melody and female vocals, but it is the long way to make normal eurodance, I would say it is just dance music in the start.

Nick: Which are your favorite 90s eurodance music acts?

Michal: The first in line E-Rotic, Blue System, Masterboy and many others.

Nick: Please tell me which are your current and future music projects.

Michal: So far I know about three: Pulse Of The Beat, Floor Action and then my little project Donatien.

Nick: Thank you, Michal and good luck!