Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Interview with producer Michal Karpac

Michal Karpac is a Slovakian eurodance producer, he is one of the young generation producers who try to keep the 90s Eurodance style alive.

Nick: Hello, Michal, and thank you for accepting this interview. Please introduce yourself in a few words.

Michal: Dance music is me, lol, I always wanted to do music, especially eurodance and now i do it

Nick: Please tell me how you've started your journey as an eurodance producer and your main produced acts.

Michal: A few years ago I started the project Floor Action and then I joined to the band Pulse Of The Beat founded by my friend Svetoslav Yankov, which I call Svetlo

Nick: How do you make an eurodance tune? Which is the base idea it all starts from?

Michal: I often let myself to get inspiration from other songs, films and from the world around me. I love production by Dieter Bohlen, he has the perfect melodies. I would like to be like him.

Nick: How long does it take to create and record an eurodance song?

Michal: When I was a beginner it lasted very long time but now I can make the one song in a few days but of course I need the inspiration.

Nick: Michal, tell me a little bit about the gear and the sofware you use. How important it is?

Michal: I use FL studio, it is the great programme which is used by many famous producers. I love to use VST z3ta +.

Nick: Could you please offer some tips for the people who want to create eurodance music?

Michal: You need mainly good melody and female vocals, but it is the long way to make normal eurodance, I would say it is just dance music in the start.

Nick: Which are your favorite 90s eurodance music acts?

Michal: The first in line E-Rotic, Blue System, Masterboy and many others.

Nick: Please tell me which are your current and future music projects.

Michal: So far I know about three: Pulse Of The Beat, Floor Action and then my little project Donatien.

Nick: Thank you, Michal and good luck!

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