Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Happy New Year!

I wish you all A Happy New Year, this blog won't be updated anymore since I am now working on my own project. Of course there is a lot of information that could be added, I hope other eurodance enthusiasts will do that as well; so anyway I still hope you will find the existent information useful, thanks :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

RapidComposer - Eurodance Music Composition Tool

Today I'm going to present you a great music composition tool, suitable for all music genres, but of course we are going to use it for creating Eurodance music in a fast, easy and pleasant way.

The software we are going to work with is called RapidComposer.

RapidComposer is non-destructive, phrase based music software.

RapidComposer can work with either absolute or relative chords. It depends on how the "Chord Naming" master track setting is set.

So whatever notes you will be using in a phrase, RapidComposer will know how to adjust so it can fit the respective chords.

You can play the phrases by MIDI keyboard, or create them inside the phrase editor. You can even create patterns so you can use them later in other projects. The many generators included in the software will help you create great musical ideas in no time. More than that, you can use RapidComposer as a VST host.

So let's start making Eurodance music with the help of the RapidComposer!


Once you've started a new project begin defining your desired scale and the tempo.


Define the rhythm track, we will use a bass drum.


It's time to create the riff. Once you've created the first phrase you can easily move it over the next chords. It will automatically change its notes to fit the chords.


Let's add the bass. We will use one of the existent Eurodance phrases (download link available at the end of the post).


You can now export the track in MIDI format so you can use it in your favorite DAW.


How about generating unlimited number of Eurodance riffs? You could find one that you like, if necessary do some extra modification and have a great riff for your track.

As we've already discussed, the Eurodance riffs have some general properties: the repetitive up-down movement and the monophonic notes being the main ingredients.

Here are below some settings you can use to generate Eurodance riffs with RapidComposer.

Feel free to experiment with the settings in order to obtain various results.


This archive contains several Eurodance bass phrases to use with RapidComposer. Enjoy!



How to quickly generate Eurodance riff ideas with Rapid Composer

Type F to automatically fill the chords with your riff or copy/paste holding the ALT key.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New updates coming soon

Dear visitors, I have good news for you. Soon I will make new posts showing you valuable software tool on how to create Eurodance music fast and easily! Stay close, coming soon!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

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