Friday, November 8, 2013

Interview with producer Oleksandr Hrytsiv

Nick: Hello, Oleksandr, and thank you for accepting this interview! Please introduce yourself in a few words.

Oleksandr: Hello, Nick! Hello to all eurodance fans! I am a producer of eurodance band Free 2 Night and a remix producer Real Thing. I live in Tarnopil in Western Ukraine.

Nick: Please tell me when and how your eurodance passion started...

Oleksandr: I loved European dance music since my childhood. My first favorite groups were ABBA, Modern Talking, Sandra etc. And here is the big paradox – I started to listen eurodance only since 1998 when it was already on the decline.

Nick: How do you create an eurodance song? Which is the basic process?

Oleksandr: I started to learn music when I was 7 years old. I played piano a lot as my mother and my aunt – they are professional pianists. I created my first early eurodance in 1999 when I really fell in love with such music. When I create music at first I play my keyboard to feel how the bass line sounds with the melody which I composed in my head. Then I start to combine kicks and basses. It is the main process because if it is not right then all the tracks will sound very cheap.

Nick: Please tell me a little bit about the gear and the sofware you use.

Oleksandr: I always use FL Studio 8 and 9 with added vsti and my own samples libraries. Also as I said I have a very good keyboard M-Audio and a several types of 3-linear high quality speakers.

Nick: Do you want to share some tips and tricks about making eurodance music?

Oleksandr: The main tricks are to have a good musical hearing, to love a good music with all of your heart and never stop learning. And there is one more important thing to know how to work in a group and with other people.

Nick: Which are your favorite 90s eurodance music acts?

Oleksandr: There are so many great eurodance acts from the 90s! I think my favorites are 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat, Dr. Alban, Snap!

Nick: Tell me a few things about your new eurodance project "Free 2 Night". Which are your future plans?

Oleksandr: I don’t want to call it “plans”, because only God knows the future of each. We have many ideas about new singles, albums, videos etc. We will do the best!

Nick: Do you think the classic eurodance genre can return on the commercial scene one day?

Oleksandr: I think it will return if people will really want that. It depends on only of each one of us.

Nick: Please tell a few words about our eurodance tutorial blog, do you find it useful?

Oleksandr: Yes of course! I find it very useful to all the people who wants to start to create eurodance tracks and to learn something new.

Nick: Thank you, Oleksandr! I wish you lots of good luck!

Oleksandr: Thanks for interview, Nick! The same good wishes to you and to all eurodance fans and composers!