Friday, June 14, 2013

Interview with songwriter and producer Roby Arduini

Roby Arduini is a famous Italian Eurodance songwriter and music producer. Some of the famous Eurodance acts he produced are Antares, Capella, Anticapella, and Agostini to name just a few.

Nick: Hello, Roby, and thank you very much for accepting this interview for the visitors of my blog. Could you please introduce yourself in a few words?

Roby: I am a writer,musician(keyboards)and producer.Whe I was young I've been very influenced by Genesis an Pink Floyd and I start to write  music 360°.

Nick: Please tell me how you've started your journey as an eurodance producer and some of the notable acts you've produced.

Roby: In the 80s I played in a band togheter with my friend Mauro Farina and then we started to write and produce music.See my bio..

Nick: Which was the gear used in the 90s for making eurodance music? Please name some important instruments if possible.

Roby: Analogue machine lke Jupiter8 Prophet5 and akay sampler.

Nick: How was the process of making an eurodance tune? Which was the base idea it all started from? Was it build around a chorus or an instrumental riff?

Roby: Basicly I prefer to start from an instrumental riff..

Nick: It seems in today's music compression is used quite a lot. How much was it used back in the 90s?

Roby: Not so much on the master. but a lot on every single track.

Nick: By analyzing several eurodance riffs it seems they usually follow a typical structure. Could you please explain how was a riff developed?

Roby: Catchy and groovy.

Nick: Many people ask about the famous 90s eurodance kick. Could you please explain how this was created?

Roby: It's a mix of varius kicks,such as from Linn,Tr909 and eq and compression.

Nick: Could you please offer some tips for the people who still want to create eurodance music? What makes a successful eurodance song?

Roby: Great melody and good arrangement.It's MUSIC.

Nick: The 90s eurodance is still loved today by many people. Do you think this genre can return on the commercial scene one day?

Roby: I don'k know,perhaps the bpm is too high.But the sound of pop dance is not so far.

Nick: Which are your current and future music projects?

Roby: I'm workin on my labels (Distar and Stereocity) to produce every kind of good music, from pop dance an soulful house.

Thank you, Roby, for taking your time to answer all my questions, I wish you lots of good luck!