Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making Beautiful Riffs - The Pattern Method

* under development

This method means you're building a pattern (let's say for the first 4 bars) and then you're copying the pattern over the next 12 bars by respecting the harmony rules (chord progressions). Or you could create a double pattern (first 8 bars).

This method was used quite a lot in the 90s Eurodance songs.

Making Beautiful Riffs - The Broken Chords Method

This method is pretty simple to use, as the name says, you're using broken chords instead normal chords to create the riff. 

Tip: use also chord inversions to create more interesting riffs

Making Beautiful Riffs - The V Metod

Happy New Year! 

When it comes to making beautiful Eurodance riffs, please note that some of them follow some typical patterns.

Method 1 - I will call this "The V method"

Let's study more closely. You can take the notes of the chords and by alternating 2 notes you start playing "up-down-up-down", or you can take the root note of the chord and play it alternatively up one octave (up-down-up-down). You can use the V (up-down) or the upside down V (down-up) to make this pattern.

Tip: insert 2 extra notes instead one! example: