Friday, February 8, 2013

How to recreate the classic Eurodance sound

This tutorial is brought to you with the help of Krasi from the forum - Thank you, Krasi!

Alright, let's learn how to recreate the famous classic Eurodance sound.

First we need a virtual synth, we will use Synth1 because it's free and it's very good. 

Follow the next steps:

1.set both oscillators to saw

2. adjust the fine tuning of the second oscillator to +12

3. on the amplifier envelope use the following settings:

- set attack to a bit over 0
- set decay and sustain to their maximum values
- set release a little above 0 or more

Tip: keep experimenting with the enevelope to get different sounds!

4. use a low pass filter, add some resonance

5. add chorus to make your lead more phat

Here is a photo that shows one example that sounds great:

Keep experimenting for new sounds! Good luck!

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