Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mixing Your Eurodance Song

Once your song is ready, it should be mixed. I will present below a basic mixing method consisting of the following steps:



What's the role of compression?
It squashes the loudest peaks and boosts the quieter troughs, meaning you can up the overall track volume to get that extra punch. Please note that it's not necessarily for each track to be compressed, it depends. The kick drum, the snare, the bass, and the lead vocals usually get (some) compression and it's less used on acoustic guitars, piano or pads.


What's the role of EQ?
It helps to obtain an audio balance where each instrument (drum beats, bass, lead and vocals) can be distinctly heard.


What's the role of the effects?
They can make your instruments sound more interesting (some of the effects them include delay, reverb, etc.)

Next we will start detailing the mixing for each instrument used in the Eurodance music.

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