Monday, October 8, 2012

The Main Elements Of The Eurodance Music

Like any other songs, the main elements of the Eurodance music are:

1. the melody

The melodies are positive and upbeat. The Eurodance songs are mostly written in minor keys. This blends very well with the positive lyrics creating a very emotional sound. The songs also include rap sections (but there are cases when these ones are missing).

2. the chords

Some popular chord progressions are VI-IV-I-V, I-V-VI-IV, I-VI-IV-V,  I-VI-IV-V7

remember: the big three chords are I, IV and V; III and VI are substitues for the I chord, while II is substitute for the IV chord;

3. the beat (rhythm)

The Eurodance music is 4/4, and the bpm rate is between 110 and 150 bpm (usually 140 bpm)

4. the hook

This is the most memorable part of the song. It's a short riff or phrase that makes the song memorable for the listener. The hook is often found (or it consists of) in the chorus

5. the lyrics

The lyrics are positive and promote things like love, peace, fun. The lyrics are usually in English language.

6. the song sections

A typical Eurodance section contains: intro (chorus) - lyrics (rap)- chorus - lyrics (rap) - chorus - bridge - chorus

Let's study the main elements of the Eurodance songs in this famous song of the 90s: Dreams by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor.

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